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      The original intention of Dunk Reps is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good adhesion to the ground. (Slam dunk is SLAM DUNK) zoom air stands for "impact air cushion", which is usually called zoom, which is often used as cushioning on Nike's top sneakers. For Fake NIKE, although the design is simple from the present point of view, the Dunk Reps with low technical content is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes. In addition, the unique logo on the Dunk Reps tongue also shows a cool personality.

      Today, Dunk Reps has become the vane of the trend, deeply influencing more and more young people who like fashion and street culture.

History of Dunk Reps

      People often think that Dunk without air cushion is the most original one. But the correct order is that the first pair of Air Force 1 (Air Force One) air cushion shoes launched by fake nike in order to defeat the old rival Converse (Converse) in 1983 gave them a big victory in the market, and the stock also rose steadily. But in 1985, adidas made a comeback, the sports product market changed drastically, and Nike faced the most serious sales crisis in history. At this time, in order to reverse the adverse trend, Nike made an action that later affected the whole world, that is, it signed the then super rookie Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) with a huge sum of money, using Air Force One (Air Force One) as the prototype, Designed the first pair of signature shoes Air Jordan One (Jordan generation) for him.
       Soon all the top school teams strongly demanded to have their own team shoes, which is why Dunk Reps appeared later. At that time, there were 8 completely different colors when Dunk Reps was released, representing the eight top NCAA (University League) teams including the University of North Carolina, the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas. In fact, in terms of design, Dunk Reps is based on the design prototype of Air Jordan 1, so they all have excellent grip performance and sense of field. Best Fake Dunks ensures that those excellent players can move lightly and stably on the field.
      By the mid-1990s, due to the popularity of American street culture, Dunk Reps was not only satisfied with its success in the common sports world, but also planned to expand its production and diversification and set foot in street X-GAME (extreme sports). After that, fake nike chose the most common and popular X-GAME: SKATEBOARD (skateboard) as the entry point to enter the joint culture. They signed the very famous ZOO YORK (Zoo York) skateboard team at a high price as their voice in the skateboarding world.

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