What Is Song Sneaker?

Hello everyone,
My name is May Song,and my Chinese name is Song Xiaozhi. I am a new seller of replica sneakers starting in 2020. Because my last name is Song, so my brand is called Song Sneaker
There may be some friends in Reddit who know me. Before that, I was working for another replica sneaker store.

Song Sneaker  warehouse
I love the sneakers. I know that many fans of replicas want high-quality sneakers, not those shoddy ones, so I spent a year researching them and then choose high-quality and low-price products from many suppliers and sell them in Song Sneaker.
High quality and low price are Song Sneaker's purposes. I seek a lot of suppliers to cooperate with me. I will strictly select the products among them.

May And Song Sneaker Shoes
I visited their production workshop and learned how they purchase raw materials, watch the entire production process and quality inspection standards, and even how the accessories and packaging of these shoes are produced. I was very shocked. All of their processes and shoes are comparable to retail.
I started selling shoes because of love, It's my career. Hope to provide all fans of replica shoes with high-quality and low-cost products

Song Sneaker  Cooperation factories
I am happy to share with all lovers of sports shoes, such as: How are sneakers produced? Where do China's fake sneakers come from? What batches are there for replica sneakers? And hope that y'all could help me share my store with your friends. If there is anything y'all want to know or share, just don't hesitate to contact me on WhatsAppor by Email.
I hope that everyone can order a lot on Song Sneaker  so that I can negotiate with suppliers to reduce the price of shoes to a greater extent while ensuring quality.
Thanks a lot!
God bless you!