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  The Jordan Reps series is the most successful basketball shoe series, and every pair of shoes in this series has been loaded into history and become a classic. However, no great product is perfect from the start, and the replica air jordan line is no exception. If the original replica air jordan series was mainly about superficial work, starting from the replica air jordan 4, this series finally has a real soul.

  Jordan 5 Reps Background introduction

  Brand Jordan is a product line of nike, which is the brand of American star Michael Jordan himself. NIKE launched the first sneaker named "Jordan" for Jordan, namely the first model of the Jordan 5 Reps series: Air Jordan 3. Although this sneaker had a peculiar color scheme and novel technology at the time, no one ever thought of it.

  Jordan 5 Reps would actually be the beginning of a myth. And it all started with the great Air Jordan series, which officially took the first steps in the history of basketball shoes and made basketball shoes so exciting.

  In the 1990s, basketball shoes really entered the development period of modern basketball shoes. It was also the golden period of basketball shoes. Countless wonderful designs and classic concepts were born in this wonderful decade. The new level of shape design, in addition to the color change, basketball shoes finally jumped out of the bottleneck of design, and all this is starting from today's protagonist: Best Jordan 5 Reps.

  A group led by NIKE. Sports goods manufacturers are racking their brains to develop the potential of basketball shoes, all kinds of novel ideas emerge in an endless stream, as if the whole world is full of magic, replica sneakers take off. In the early 1990s, the major shoe manufacturers were not satisfied with the changes in the shape of basketball shoes, so the designers focused on the color matching of the shoes and the depiction of some details, and the original simple basketball shoes finally started.

  Jordan 5 Reps Become Famous

  In 1989-90, the Bulls changed "Zen Master" Jackson as the head coach, the team achieved the second best regular season record (55 wins and 27 losses), Jordan is still the scoring champion (33.6), the NBA's best team and defense Best lineup, and steals king. The highest scoring record in a single game was 69 points, and it was the Jordan 5 Reps on Jordan's feet that year.

  In addition to Jordan's high figure, the shoe fans of the year also left another unforgettable silhouette in their hearts - the Air Jordan 5 that accompanied him through the season. The Air Jordan series of advertisements in cooperation with the famous director Spike Lee is even more popular, that is, from this time on, the entire Jordan 5 Reps series officially established its position in people's minds. The series aimed at the design concept of the Replica Air Jordan series has become the core of the Replica Air Jordan series.

  Jordan 5 Reps Developing

  Replica air jordan 5 represents a design transition of AirJordan series basketball shoes, from complete star basketball shoes to pursuing all-round top design, and further integrates the concept of FLIGHT series basketball shoes into the design of AirJordan basketball shoes. Quantification has been further included in all important aspects of sneaker design. After the development of Jordan 5 Reps, the entire Air Jordan series has entered a mature period, and then there have been countless classic Air Jordan basketball shoes. Introduced the women's AirJordan in 2007

  The Jordan 5 Replica in the anime is a very special pair of shoes in the AJ series of shoes, because the AJ5 is a rare pair of shoes that have become a classic because of the personal charm of Qiao Tianwang, and the Jordan 5 Reps has more impressions in people's hearts. It comes from the popular comic "Slam Dunk". The famous character in it, Rukawa Kaede, is wearing this replica jordans 5, and Rukawa Kaede wearing AJ5 has become the idol of countless boys and girls.

  The re-enactment of Cheap Jordan 5 Reps in 2013 also made fans who love it rejoice. This time, black is the main color, and purple and blue are used at the bottom to make you unconsciously think of the color of grapes. Therefore, it is affectionately called "purple grapes, black grapes".

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