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     The Jordan Reps series is the most successful basketball shoe series, and every pair of shoes in this series has been loaded into history and become a classic. However, no great product is perfect from the start, and the replica air jordan line is no exception. If the original replica air jordan series was mainly about superficial work, starting from the Jordan 4 Reps, this series finally has a real soul.

  Jordan 4 Reps Creation Check-Out Concept

  The appearance of Jordan 4 Replica, for the first time, made it clear that the replica air jordan series and the Flight series will complement each other and learn from each other, and also put forward the concept of guard basketball shoes for the first time. In the era when Force basketball shoes dominated the market, the nascent Flight series was weak.

  Flight symbolized flight. Those who used the Flight series were all flyers who worked on the backboard. Those players with excellent bounce were called Flight. , they can often bring the most exciting performances and are the most popular figures on the basketball court, and Jordan is the representative of this kind of player, so the Jordan 4 Reps launched in 1989 and the Air Flight 89 launched in the same year became the first to use.

  The two pairs of sneakers with the Flight logo, the appearance of these two pairs of sneakers also heralds the birth of the Flight series. Although the replica air jordan 4 is the only pair of replica air jordan basketball shoes with the word Flight so far, the design concept of the Flight series has been integrated into the design of the Jordan 4 Reps series, which also makes the cheap jordan series move towards lightness.

  The direction of quantification and speed development, this spirit of always flying upward has been deeply integrated into the soul of the replica air jordan series. It can be said that replica air jordan 4 is like a rebirth of the entire Best Jordan 4 Reps series, or a nirvana.

  The Design Of The Jordan 4 Reps

  In addition to its milestone revolutionary significance and excellent performance, the Jordan 4 Reps is also unique in its design. The huge shoe is the symbol, and the reverse label on the shoe is the whole replica air jordan 4.

  The finishing touch, whether from Zoom LeBron 2, Best Jordan 4 4 00 or Jumpman BigFund, we can find the classic outsole flip-up design, which has become a kind of logo and is used in the most gorgeous basketball shoes superior.

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