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  LJR Air Jordan 1 High is the first genuine basketball shoe of the nike jordan series. It was born in 1985. Because this is the first pair of black and red shoes in the NBA, it also makes everyone remember it at first sight.

  LJR Air Jordan 1 Are Born

  "Flying Man," the nickname people gave jordan. Not only because of his amazing jumps and often incredible moves on the court, but also because of the LJR Jordan 1 High on his feet. "Air Jordan", this is the name of Nike's signature shoes for jordan. It not only reflects the technology and craftsmanship of the fake shoes, but also reflects the style of jordan's playing. The ad, which was launched during Thanksgiving in 1984, left a deep impression on many people. The camera first looked down at Chicago from the air, followed by the whistling sound of the engine. jordan ran into the camera in slow motion, caught a basketball in his hand, dribbled the ball to the basket, spread his legs, held the basketball High with one hand, and stretched the other straight to the camera. Down front, dunk the ball in. At this time, the voice-over sounded: Who said he was not flying!

  Jordan's magical court performance and Nike's excellent advertising made the LJR Jordan 1, which was not very good in performance, a huge success. In 1985, the sales of this pair of shoes reached 130 million US dollars! By September of the following year, the LJR Jordan 1 High had sold 2.3 million pairs, becoming a miracle in sneaker history.

  Nike edited jordan's exciting moves on the court together with an english song called "Jump". I think that can be regarded as an early music MV. At the press conference, Michael seemed a little uncomfortable. It is no wonder that he has not been exposed to such business occasions before. I kept staring at Michael's face throughout the show, and his facial muscles were stiff. No smile, maybe something else was on his mind.

  Soon after, nike tailored his first trapeze boots. However, basketball is a sport that emphasizes teamwork, and this move caused a lot of controversy at the time. Bulls general manager Rod Thorne (now Nets general manager) talked to me about it, "Michael is a basketball player, not a tennis player, and it's not good to overemphasize the individual." His statement is not unreasonable. , In the people's impression at that time, only personal events such as tennis and boxing had special equipment, and all players of a basketball team should be uniform.

  Is the LJR Jordan Really Just A Collectible? Can It Still Be Used In Actual Combat?

  Speaking of the most well-known sneakers in the air jordan series, most shoe fans will choose LJR Jordan 1 High, and in the summary of all LJR Jordan 1 High series, LJR Air Jordan 1 High OG is the most re-enacted and the most co-branded sneakers. .

  Many people will ask, can the LJR Jordan 1 High become the current actual combat choice? In fact, starting from actual combat, it is completely possible.

  First of all, LJR Jordan 1 High has good support and protection. Among all air jordan series, LJR Air Jordan 1 High is originally known for its strong traction, and it does not choose indoor and outdoor. It is a very durable sneaker.

  And the overall body of the re-engraved version of the cheap jordan 1 High is relatively light, and there is even a Zoom version. In fact, even without the Zoom version, the Air Sole cushioning technology originally owned by the LJR Jordan 1 High og is stable enough.

  Although most of the technology of the LJR Air Jordan 1 High is outdated compared to the current top basketball shoes, it is still competent from a practical point of view.

  What is LJR Batch?

  LJR Batch refers to shoes manufactured by a foundry run by a man named Liu Jiarui in Putian. He is mainly known based on AJ and coconut style. The fake shoes in LJR Sneakers are famous for their high quality and high similarity to the original shoes. He called the abbreviated name of the shoe "LJR Sneakers" at the factory, and some people called it "guanding", which was the highest version in his area.

  However, many Chinese people think this is Liu Jiarui’s own marketing method. Mr. Liu and his family mainly promoted his daughter to foreign markets very well, which is beneficial to him, but his quality has not reached the highest level, but it is very close.

  What is the best quality product of LJR Batch?

  The most famous LJR Batch is the AJ1 series. At present, there is no one in the market that can surpass his LJR Air Jordan 1. His fake shoes are all ordered to the Dongguan factory for original shoe development and production, because the manufacturing industry in Dongguan is compared with Putian. It is more mature, and the indicators produced are closer to the original data than Putian. At the end of 2017, Ljr Sneakers began to appear on the market, and what made him really famous was the pair of AJ1 barb series that AJ1 and TS co-branded in the first two years. His products are on the market, and basically no other products can match LJR. The barbs of LJR are comparable, so LJR has made enough eyeballs on this pair of shoes and let everyone know the existence of LJR Sneakers.

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