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The Development Of Jordan 13 Reps

Tinker Hatfield remains the leader of the Jordan 13 Reps design team. He and his colleagues developed the Jordan 13 Reps, which is hailed as the most outstanding performance sneaker in the entire series. At the beginning of designing Jordan 13 Reps, Tinker sat down with Jordan to discuss the design of the sneakers. Tinker has noticed that Jordan's playing style has many similarities with the Cheetahs: At first, Jordan will not rush forward, but patiently waits for the opportunity. When the time is right, he will quickly pounce on it and never let the opportunity slip away from his hands. .This style is quite similar to the bloodthirsty survival of the cheetah in the jungle. Finally, when Tinker told Jordan about the idea, Jordan simply revealed his secret to him. His friends often called him "Black Cat" in private.

In shoe design, the sole is most similar to the cheetah element. The entire sole is designed to resemble an animal paw. The hologram on the top of the shoe is another distinctive feature of Jordan 13 Reps. Depending on the viewing angle, No. 23 or the Jumpman logo will flash in turn. There are some models, such as the Jordan 13 Reps in navy/North Carolina blue/grey/white, with 3M materials added to the top of the sneakers, which significantly improves the appearance of the entire sneakers.

 In the 1998-1999 season, five colors of mid-top Jordan 13 Reps were released. The original white/black/red/pearl gray colorway or white/red/black colorway was Jordan's choice of equipment at home at the United Center in Chicago. The black/red color scheme is the sneaker Jordan chooses for away games in accordance with league regulations. In order to commemorate his alma mater, the University of North Carolina, the navy/North Carolina blue/grey/white color scheme has received quite good market response. During the 1998 playoffs, the last Jordan 13 Reps in black/campus red color was released. The popularity of this shoe once again proves that Jordan is the best advertisement. It is difficult for a brand to achieve as good a publicity effect as Jordan Reps.

The achievements of Jordan 13 Reps

When the Jordan 13 Reps first came out, Jordan himself and a few Bulls teammates were among the few to wear them. However, a few years later, many Jordan Brand camp stars wore the 2004 reissue of the Jordan 13 Reps. One of the Jordan 13 Reps called the “Grey Toe” colorway is particularly eye-catching because it was a sample released that year. Another "green altitude" version of the Best Jordan 13 Reps also attracted the attention of many people because this shoe was rarely released but has been widely discussed.

During the Jordan 13 Reps period, Jordan achieved extraordinary achievements. Whether it was leading the Bulls to win the second three consecutive championships, or breaking the record of "Sky Hook" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 788 consecutive games in double figures, these achievements can make Jordan 13 Reps The cultural significance of the entire Jordan Reps series ranks high.

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