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  The full name of Cheap Nike Dunk is "Dunk Skate Boarding". Previously, "Cheap Dunks" was just a pair of ordinary basketball shoes. With the improvement of Cheap Nike Air Force 1, the Cheap Nike Dunk skateboard shoe series appeared. Now Cheap Dunks have been injected by Nike into more There are many fashion elements, and the "DUNK SB" with air zoom air cushion technology and thick tongue has gradually become the backbone of Nike skateboard shoes. As the most mainstream sneakers, the Cheap Nike Dunk series has been increasing in popularity and influence. Originally created only for skateboarding, the Cheap Nike Dunk has become a trend icon.

  The History of the Cheap Nike Dunk

  The original intention of the Cheap Nike Dunk is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding. For Cheap Nike Sheos, the Cheap Dunks with low technical content is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes, although it seems to be simple in design. In terms of technical content, people often think that Cheap Dunks without air cushion is the most original one. But in the right order, the Cheap Air Froce 1 (the first pair of air-cushioned shoes) launched by NIKE in 1983 to defeat the old rival Converse gave them a big win in the market, and the stock also climbed. But in 1985, adidas made a comeback, and the sports product market changed drastically. Cheap Dunk faced the most serious financial crisis in history. The stock price fell by more than half in the same year. , then signed the super rookie Michael Jordan with huge sums of money, and designed the first pair of signature shoes Cheap Air Jordan 1 for him based on the Cheap Nike Air Force 1. Soon all the top varsity teams were clamoring for their own team shoes, which is why the came along. The Cheap Dunks are available in eight completely different colors, representing eight top NCAA teams including the University of North Carolina, the University of Arizona and the University of Arkansas. In fact, in terms of design, the Cheap Nike Dunk is based on the LJR Jordan 1 generation, so it has excellent grip performance and field sense, ensuring that those excellent players can move lightly and stably on the field, so the performance is also incomparable. Picky. So it's no accident that the Cheap Nike Dunk became popular in the '80s.

  The look and performance of the Cheap Nike Dunk

  1. The tongue of the Cheap Nike Dunk SB is sewn with the "NIKE SB" logo, while the logo of the ordinary Cheap Dunks on the tongue is "NIKE". In addition, the logo of the Cheap Nike Air Force 1 is "NIKE AIR".

  2, or the tongue. The thickness of the tongue of the Cheap Dunks SB is usually several times that of the ordinary Cheap Nike Dunk. This is designed to protect the ankle of skateboarders. In terms of laces, ordinary Cheap Dunks use wide textile laces. Cheap Nike Dunk SB uses thick laces.

  3. Look inside the insole. The ordinary Cheap Nike Dunks insole is printed with "NIKE" and its swoosh logo. The insole of the Cheap Nike Dunk of LE is printed with the "LE" logo. Different from the first two. All Cheap The insole of the Nike Dunk SB is printed with a faux footprint. The word "NIKE SB" is printed on the heel of the wear scar. In addition, there will be two attached pieces under the insole of the Cheap Nike Dunk SB. Zoom Air. This is naturally also for comfort and safety.

  4. There are more than ten grooves on the edge of the outsole of the Cheap Dunks shoes. In fact, other skateboarding shoes such as DC, Timberland, etc. also have such grooves. This design is mainly to facilitate jumping and using the soles of the feet when skateboarding. The action of lifting the head of the skateboard. And the original version of Cheap Dunks generally do not have this kind of groove. In the end, the outside of the heel of Cheap Nike Dunk SB will generally have a knitted logo related to the identity of the shoe. This involves a deeper problem. It is the system where various street brands cooperate with Cheap Nike Sheos to launch Cheap Nike Dunk SB.

  Why is the Cheap Nike Dunk so popular?

  1.Cheap Nike Dunk has outstanding appearance, thick tongue and thick tongue are exaggerated and eye-catching, which is very suitable for unrestrained young people.

  2. Global skateboarding, X-GAME boom.

  3. HIP-HOP, the black culture boom, especially street art is now gradually accepted by the Orientals.

  4. Many celebrities have demonstrated in person, regardless of whether ARTISTS in Europe, America or East Asia, without exception, choose Cheap Dunks to match streetwear.

  5. Retro shoes + ZOOM, fresh collocation, refreshing.

  6. Play with limited editions, and there are XXX pairs in the world at every turn, which is simply too attractive.

  7. Most importantly, Cheap Nike Dunk SB insists on cooperating with the world famous street ARTISTS to launch a variety of unusual designs. Diversity is the biggest impact that Cheap Nike Dunk SB brings to us. The scary thing about Cheap Nike Dunk SB is that each pair of shoes represents a new concept, a new visual effect, and the consequence is... There are many People "see a pair and love a pair".

  What is LJR Batch?

  LJR Batch refers to shoes manufactured by a foundry run by a man named Liu Jiarui in Putian. He is mainly known based on AJ and coconut style. The shoes in LJR factory are famous for their high quality and high similarity to the original shoes. He called the abbreviated name of the shoe "ljr version" at the factory, and some people called it "guanding", which was the highest version in his area.

  However, many Chinese people think this is Liu Jiarui’s own marketing method. Mr. Liu and his family mainly promoted his daughter to foreign markets very well, which is beneficial to him, but his quality has not reached the highest level, but it is very close.

  What is the best quality product of LJR Batch?

  The most famous LJR Batch is the AJ1 series. At present, there is no one in the market that can surpass his LJR. His shoes are all ordered to the Dongguan factory for original shoe development and production, because the manufacturing industry in Dongguan is compared with Putian. It is more mature, and the indicators produced are closer to the original data than Putian. At the end of 2017, LJR Factory began to appear on the market, and what made him really famous was the pair of AJ1 barb series that AJ1 and TS co-branded in the first two years. His products are on the market, and basically no other products can match LJR. The barbs of LJR are comparable, so LJR has made enough eyeballs on this pair of shoes and let everyone know the existence of LJR Sneakers.

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